WordPress for Web Sites

Building a website in WordPress

I have quite a bit of experience installing and customising web sites using the blog software WordPress. This acts as a very easy to use content management system for web site owners.

This site is built entirely in WordPress as is the following site I created for my old company www.adelphitranslations.co.uk.

The blog attached to www.adelphitranslations.com/blog and my personal blog attached to this site www.stevesutcliffe.co.uk/blog are all built using WordPress.

The functionality of WordPress is extended by hundreds or available plug-ins (most free). I’m also able to hack the code to customise the look and functionality of WordsPress sites. You can include audio samples, images, video, accept PayPal payments if you have a PayPal account and generally make the site a showcase for your particular skills.

An (Almost) Instant, Editable Website from £200 with FREE hosting

If you need a web site in a hurry I’m happy to create one for you using WordPress, which you will then be able to edit and update yourself. If you need hosting I’ll even host it on my servers free for life (that’s MY life of course!) A site like mine (about  8 – 10 pages) would cost around £250 with the free hosting if you provide the copy. It can probably be finished in two working days. If you need help with getting a domain name let me know.

Please contact me with your requirements.

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