Why do I need Subtitles or Captions?

Why should I add Subtitles or Captions to my Video?

Video is becoming increasingly important for marketing and disseminating information. Adding subtitle to your video clips will allow your video to reach a massive new audience including:

  1. The billions of people in the world who do not speak English. It’s estimated that around 400 million people speak English as a mother tongue and another billion may use English as a second language. Yes, that’s pretty impressive, but that leaves around six billion people who don’t speak English at all and many of those are in important emerging markets such as China.
  2. The one-in-seven of the population who have a hearing problem. The British MRC Institute of Hearing Research estimates that the number of people suffering from hearing loss of more than 25 dB will exceed 700 million by 2015. It is already estimated that 70 million people in Europe and 25 million in the USA have a significant hearing impairment. That’s a lot of people who can’t hear your message without captions.
  3. Potential audiences in noisy places such as airports, cafes, bars, restaurants and museums and art galleries, where your audio track is either inaudible or turned off. Many PCs (unlike Macs ;-)) don’t have built in speakers, so your viewers can see your video but can’t hear it.
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