Subtitles & Captions: How much will it cost?

I like to keep my pricing as simple as possible so that there is no confusion as to the total cost of your project.


Subtitles in first language: £15 (18.5€ – $24) per minute of video

All subsequent languages: £7 (8.6€ – $11) per minute of video (excludes ‘specials’)

All ‘special’ languages: £10 (12.3€ – $16) per minute of video

What are ‘special’ languages and why are they more expensive?

I can read most European languages, including Russian and Greek, and feel confident creating subtitles in these languages without linguistic back-up. However, other non-Latin languages, such as Thai, Hindi and other Indian languages, Chinese, Japanese etc., can be a little more complicated, depending on the deliverable format required.

Arabic subtitles and other languages written right-to-left are also more complicated to handle, as a lot of software, even such DVD authoring favourites such as Adobe Encore, do not support right-to-left scripts. With such scripts sometimes the only way to render them is to produce image files of the text.

I have made subtitles in all these languages as long as the translation is supplied in a ‘parallel text’ format, with the the English segments and the translated segments side by side. I can also provide proofreading of the rendered scripts by native linguists.

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