Using Gmails SMTP servers for Forms in WordPress

I recently was asked to create a custom form for a WordPress installation. Unfortunately, the plug-in I used, ‘Contact Form 7′, refused to work with the client’s web server.

By default, most WordPress plug-ins that send mail use the PHP mail() function. Some servers do have problems with this so I solved it in the following way.

1) I installed the plug-in WP-Mail-SMTP. This allows you to change the default way that your WordPress blog sends email from the PHP function to SMTP.

2) I added the Gmail servers SMTP details to the plug-in:
Port: 465
Encryption: SSL
Authorisation: YES
Username: client’s email address
Password: client’s password for above email address

Now the Contact Form 7 works! The client uses Google Apps for business so their domain name is set up to use with this, but it will also work with any address.

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