Doing ‘Includes’ in WordPress

If you want to repeat a section of HTML code in your WordPress posts or pages you can either copy the code onto every page (yawn) or use a shortcut code (horray). A shortcut code acts in the same way as an ‘include’ in regular coding and pulls in a segment of HTML or text from an external file. In this case the external file is ‘functions.php’ in WordPress.

I recently used it to solve a mysterious ‘disappearing code’ problem in WordPress. A link for an image rollover would vanish from the code editor in a random and very annoying way. Replacing this rollover code with a shortcut code was a neat way of solving this problem.

Here’s how to do it.

In functions.php add the following.

add_shortcode(‘quote’, ‘short_quote ‘);
# This line adds a shortcut code called ‘quote’ and a function called ‘short_quote’ – you can change these names to reflect your own code.

function short_quote () {
return ‘ put your text and code here ‘;

Then in our WordPress posts and pages you can add the shortcode [quote] and this will display the code you added where it says ‘put your text and code here ‘.

And that’s it! I usually stick my custom functions at the end of the functions.php file so they are easy to find.

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